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Designed for any business model, Enterprise CS communication servers provide the reliability, scalability and flexibility for today & tomorrow. Call us today and see how we can help you with your business communications.

IWATSU’s family of communication products offer the most functionality and flexibility you need to communicate with ease and efficiency. Each component will provide your business with a communications solution that is cost effective and designed with the features that your business needs.

Find the latest technology and tools to run your small, midsize or enterprise business more effectively today, and enable a scalable, dependable communications infrastructure for tomorrow.

Let us help you find solutions to your toughest Telecom problems. IWATSU’s professional services department helps companies design leading-edge solutions to tie together their internal communications.

Multi-location businesses have even more need to bridge communication gaps to remain unified, productive and efficient. Enterprise-CS provides 100% feature transparency between main and remote office locations providing seamless extension dialing and centralized voice mail. A step up from basic IP networking, CAMPUS, provides 100% feature transparency between networked offices, while allowing even more networking capacity up to 16 Campus locations or 250 IPNET addresses.


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Iwatsu Voice Networks Releases ECS 12.0

Current Version: 12 - Includes:
DNIS/DID number ringing enhancement
IP-NET networking enhancement
Hot desking
Hunt group login/logout feature
Alcatel-Lucent 8001 SIP telephone support

Need help with your IWATSU ECS:
System configurations
New / Used hardware
SIP station / trunk deployment

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Embedded Application Server

Iwatsu Announces the Release of the IX-APPSVR-1 Application Server Card
New ECS blade serves as PC host for ECS embedded voicemail, browser programming and Real-IP apps.
This card features an Intel® dfual-core PC board that installs in an ECS card slot and serves as the PC host for the following applications
TOL-IVM Embedded UC Voice Messaging
Iwatsu Real IP applications including AccuCall-Web,
  Call Director, Ticker/Text Web, Virtual DSS and PC Attendant
ECS System Browser Programmer & Enterprise Services
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