Handheld Temperature Measurement $2,495.00

UFPA sensor
High/low temperatures measurement
High image visibility
Adjustable emissivity
SD card
30 C~ 45 C Temperature range
160X 120 Thermal resolution
High temperature alarm

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Digital Detection Module $2,795.00, optional pedestal $395.00

Infrared Body Temperature Fast Screening Instrument for Fever Detection. $ 24,499.00

384×288 Resolution, high sensitivity detector
Real time thermal imaging, multi-target automatic temperature measurement
Simultaneous temperature display of visible and infrared thermal imaging
Support human body temp. abnormal alarm function
Support automatic capture of alarm when triggered, as evidence of the incident

Temperature & Metal Measurement Security Gate. $ 6,799.00

 Multi-function, support temperature measurement and metal detection
 Rapid deployment and easy to use
 Different height temperature detection sensors are deployed on both sides, it is convenient to measure
 Temperature measurement distance: 2-5cm, error < 0.5℃
 Non-contact detection to avoid cross infection
 Avoid the leakage of manual temperature measurement when the flow is large
 Alarm temperature editable: the alarm will trigger when the detected temperature over the set value
 Through the measurement of working environment temperature, flexible adjustment of temperature compensation, improve the accuracy of detection
 18 different metal detection areas that can pinpoint metal contraband

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