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Complete trunkeys solutions

At SENSE HOSTING we also know that growth can happen which translates to flexibility. Of utmost importance is to know that each business is unique and that software must be configurable so that the solution is bespoke to the requirement within an off-the-shelf costing.

This tendency is not slowing down either. The need to have better visibility of the business, more mobility and ever more ways to communicate keeps increasing. SENSE HOSTING remains committed to unifying these technologies as they evolve so that Small and Medium businesses may be run better everywhere.TURNKEY SOLUTIONS

Comprenhensive, Productive, Effective, Turnkey Solution For Your Business Communication Needs!

Cloud platform for communication technology solutions
We delivers a wide range of IP services and applications with 99.999% availability, stability & reliability for a maximum up-time.

Highly scalable solutions
Your upgrade is just one phone call away. Simply contact your account manager and we will take care of the rest.

Create a seamless experience
Unify all your offices with a single telephony solution. This will allow a consistent and productive employee & customer experience.

Know more about your customer with statistic suites
Real-time queue statistic gives you an in-depth insight into agent activity and queue traffic.